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Autonomous Inventory Monitoring Service

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Inventory management reinvented with Nokia AIMS smart drone technology

Nokia Autonomous Inventory Monitoring Service AIMS enables cost effective, efficient and accurate inventory monitoring using smart, autonomous drones. With constant growth in product deliveries, several micro and macro level factors affect warehouse operations. Detailed, up-to-date inventory analytics reduce low-value manual labor and transform productivity and efficiency. Nokia AIMS helps customers improve overall efficiency with an expected 30-40 percent return on investment (ROI).

“At Graybar, supply chain innovation is vital to our long-term success. We believe Nokia AIMS will help us increase the accuracy and efficiency of our inventory monitoring, which will enhance the customer experience and improve our operational performance. Very few technologies can simultaneously boost performance while reducing costs, but we believe AIMS can deliver both.”
Mark Hirst
VP Technology, Graybar

Warehouses are faced with several challenges

  • Inaccuracy: Mismatch between actual inventory and book records
  • Costs: Stock outs impact revenues, profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Time consumption: Constant cycle counts are needed to remediate issues
  • Labor-intensity: All on top of internally or externally mandated audit-driven counts 
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Nokia AIMS gives you one true picture you can count on and believe in

  • Bringing together computer vision-based localization, barcode scanning, full autonomy and multi-drone orchestration technology in one seamless warehouse management service. 
  • Providing up-to-date data and insights to optimize inventory management processes without costly and error-prone human intervention.

Download Nokia AIMS Infographic 


Shrink costs and
realize a rapid ROI

Accurate and reliable
location of inventory

Gain efficiencies
across your warehouse

Diverse ways to achieve value with Nokia AIMS

Expected 30-40 percent ROI over a 3-year period

Lower labor costs

If you currently always deliver meticulous inventory counts, employing large teams and frequent counts to reduce errors and stock outs:

Then most of your value from Nokia AIMS will come from:

  • Reductions in salaries for low value / unnecessary work
  • Fewer management overheads 
  • Fewer worker injuries and compensation
  • Improved efficiency

Higher order fulfillment

If currently you are trying to cut costs with more infrequent counting and staff shortage leading to inaccurate inventory and frequent stock outs:

Then most of your value from Nokia AIMS will come from:

  • Better customer experience, loyalty and repeat business
  • No more double inventory purchases
  • Fewer investigation costs 
  • Less lost inventory

One day, all warehouse management solutions will work this way. But why wait? Contact us [link to form] to get a bespoke ROI business case based on your warehouse dimensions.

How does Nokia AIMS operate?

Smart drones operate 100% autonomously

AIMS drones operate completely autonomously, without any need for human intervention. When scheduled, each drone can take off, navigate through a warehouse, and complete inventory scanning tasks independently. 

Accurate product scanning and cycle-counting

Using advanced computer-vision-based scanning technology, AIMS drones accurately identify and record the location of each inventory item and can also detect empty bins.

Advanced localization technology

Because there is no GPS in warehouses, AIMS use a proprietary advanced computer vision-based localization technology, originally developed by Nokia Bell Labs researchers. Consisting of a combination of cameras, sensors, and machine learning algorithms, drones can accurately determine their position and orientation within a warehouse environment.

Get daily inventory analytics and snapshots: Intuitive and accessible anywhere

Customers get a daily snapshot of their inventory via an easy-to-use graphical user interface, accessible anywhere. Users can see where misplaced items are, which bins are empty, locate missing inventory and see historical data.

System integration via API (Application Program Interfaces) (coming 2024)

Drone data feeds can connect directly into your favorite applications or WMS (Warehouse Management System) to help you update stock levels and identify potential inventory mismatch problems.

One day, all warehouse management solutions will work this way. But why wait? Contact us to get a bespoke ROI business case based on your warehouse dimensions.

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Intuitive interface that can be accessed from anywhere: users can get a snapshot of their inventory from the comfort of their office.

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