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Data refinery

Turn your data into business value

Data Refinery delivers comprehensive complex event processing functionality that ensures that event data is quickly and efficiently put into use, to improve business performance and customer experience.

Data Refinery plays an important role in supporting the digital customer journey. It provides a layer of intelligent fast data to enable real-time decisions and actions. It collects, unifies and refines data from multiple sources into valuable inputs for any business applications in real-time. It ensures the right data automatically ends up in the right place, in the right format, at the right time – empowering truly data-driven business operations. The software has the capacity to capture and process vast amounts of raw data in-stream. It scales to your business needs and is capable of handling dynamically growing data traffics.

As a totally vendor and technology service agnostic solution, Data Refinery captures data of any type and from any source, including customer, service, application, location, device, system, care and network data. It then refines that data with important contextual information and sends it on to any target business application – all in real time.

Additionally, Data Refinery hides all technical complexity between the network and OSS/BSS layers through a unifying processing layer.


  • Unify siloed data and refine it in real-time
  • Robust and Reliable: You never lose a bit
  • Economical and scales to your business needs




Customers served globally


Of world’s mobile usage data handled


Customers with >1B xDRs daily

Up to 80%

TCO savings when replacing legacy systems

4 x faster

Time-to-market when replacing legacy systems


Supported interfaces

500 TB

Of data processed daily in single CSP environment

30 bn

Events per day at the largest customer


Completed mediation projects

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