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Nokia Experience Center

Take service operations centers (SOC) to the next level

The Nokia Experience Center is the first SOC offering to deliver closed-loop automation which enables SPs to quickly detect, diagnose and recover from service-impacting issues without human intervention.

With our Nokia Experience Center, you can:

  • Reduce service restoration times by automating recovery actions
  • Reduce the occurrence of customer-affecting problems through proactive analytics
  • Improve the pace and accuracy of operations through real-time analytics
Service monitoring module


  • Real-time, end-to-end view of service quality across different domains
  • Comprehensive alarm and KPI/KQI matrix
  • Advanced root cause analysis and the ability to drill down to problems

Analytics module


  • Near-real-time, in-line analytics that support operations and historical, offline data lakes
  • Comprehensive alarm and KPI/KQI matrix

Automation module


  • Automated diagnostics
  • Automated recovery
  • Automated event suppression
  • Trouble ticket lifecycle management
  • Automated customer experience steps


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