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threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence
Report 2023

Identifying attack trends to protect telecom networks and customers’ data

“The key findings in this report underline both the scale and sophistication of cybercriminal activity today. To mitigate the risks, it’s essential that service providers, vendors, and regulators work to develop more robust 5G network security measures, including implementing telco-centric threat detection and response, and implementing robust security practices and awareness at all company levels.”

Hamdy Farid

Hamdy Farid, SVP
Cloud & Network Services,
Business Applications

Threat Intelligence in the 5G security era

The Nokia Threat Intelligence Report 2023 provides insights into the trends on 4G and 5G security attacks, malware attacks, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks and other forms of telco cyber attacks on fixed and mobile networks around the world.

The report is compiled by experts at the Threat Intelligence Center in Canada, the Nokia Cyber Security Center in France; the Nokia Security Operations Center in India; and Nokia Deepfield, a part of Nokia focusing on software applications covering network analytics and DDoS security. It also includes facts from the latest Nokia/GlobalData survey including respondents from 50 CSPs, crucial for planning security in the 5G era.

Nokia Threat Intelligence Report 2023 key findings and trends

Getting a grasp of the excitement and fear of 5G Security

Nokia and GigaOm share what’s with the surge of IoT within the realm of 5G networks

In the latest CISO Series podcast, Super Cyber Friday – Hacking 5G security, Nokia and GigaOm discuss the looming explosion of IoT on 5G networks. Tune in to discover how the attack surface has expanded and how IoT botnets evolved in the last 4-5 years based on recent research in Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Report 2023. 

“One of the trends these days is a lot of the service providers want to put endpoint protection on the network infrastructure devices themselves and on the servers that support it. That's something that Nokia has been involved in because we have to enable the ability to put EDR agents on our infrastructure," - Kevin McNamee, Product Manager - Security. 

Our telco security capabilities

How to identify telco security threats quickly

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of security products and services to help CSPs identify 5G security threats quickly, stop them automatically and take fast remediation when needed so you can protect your telco network from degradation and deliver on service-level agreements.

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