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Threat Intelligence

Detection rules that identify malware infections

Nokia Threat Intelligence focuses on the behavior of malware network communications. It develops detection rules that identify malware infections based on command-and-control communication and other network behavior. This approach enables fast detection of malware in Communication Service Providers' (CSP) networks.

The detection rules developed by the Threat Intelligence Center form the foundation of Nokia NetGuard Endpoint Security (NES) solution.

threat intelligence report 2021

Threat Intelligence Report 2021

Security notes and research papers published by Nokia Threat Intelligence

White paper
remote workers

Remote Workers and Social Distancing Create New Opportunities for Threat Actors

With the “stay home” mandate around the world to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, online collaboration tools and apps use has increased dramatically. However, the popularity of some of these apps tends to fall in line with their availability and ease-of-use with security and privacy only being an afterthought.

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White paper
growing cyber threat

A growing cyber threat linked to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 virus spreads around the world, it’s little surprise that cybercriminals are exploiting people’s fears in attempts to steal data, gain personal information or deploy ransomware.

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White paper
compromised websites

Compromised websites serving up Crypto-miner

Nokia's Threat Intelligence became aware of a new browser-based Monero crypto-currency miner, originally identified by its authors as RiceWithChicken, which was being served up by otherwise benign websites.

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