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Cell site degradation prediction

Prevent network degradation before it affects subscribers

The Nokia AVA platform processes large data sets and machine learning algorithms detect, isolate and analyze hidden correlations and anomalies. This enables operators to predict KPI degradation at individual cell sites and take preventative action to improve service quality. Smart visualization and intuitive dashboards make it easier for operations teams to focus on the most affected sites or KPIs and prioritize high-value sites. And root-cause analysis helps prevent recurring problems and diagnose future issue faster.

This solution conducts diagnostic and predictive analysis on a range of data to predict future performance for critical network KPIs. This means operators can predict network degradations in advance, dealing with issues before they occur to improve service quality and reduce customer complaints.

Operations teams can optimize field resource allocation to prioritize high-value sites and plan maintenance schedules more efficiently.

Root cause analysis and action recommendations give operations teams further insight into how best to maximize network availability and boost service quality for subscribers.


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