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Proactive care

Get early insight into network problems through proactive maintenance and proactive network care.


Nokia Proactive Care Services provide early insight into network problems through proactive maintenance and proactive network care. Recommendations enable service providers to address issues before they escalate to affect services, revenue and the customer experience.

Proactive Care Services support customers with the following processes:

  • Monitor and Measure: Automatically and transparently track and prioritize network issues in near real-time
  • Analyze and Identify: Accurately isolate and assess trends, signatures and causes
  • Partner and Predict: Collaborate with other service providers for improved efficiency and expert preventive guidance using intelligence drawn from networks around the globe

Nokia Proactive Care Services is a suite of services that include:

Proactive Care Monitoring and Analysis Service

Provides near-real-time monitoring, analysis and recommendations from Nokia experts to optimize network availability and performance with advanced alerts, custom reports and remedial actions. These activities help to prevent potential issues from becoming service impacting.

Proactive Care Reporting Services

Delivers monitoring and reporting of fault data from network elements, which are measured against quality of service (QoS) health indices.

Proactive Care Tools

Recognizes and resolves call processing delivery problems and performs end-to-end trace analysis of mobile calls.

Wireless Interoperability Testing

Tests mobile terminal devices on Nokia equipment before the devices are commercialized in service provider networks to help prevent interoperability issues.

Benefits and features

Improve customer satisfaction and accelerate ROI

Take actions that help avoid capacity bottlenecks and improve network performance for voice, data and video applications

Increase internal efficiency by focusing on the issues that are most likely to affect services and revenue

Prevent problems, helping you meet high customer expectations

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