Secure mobile virtual network operator for public safety

Enabling ‘mission critical’ commercial networks for public safety

Public safety organizations are looking to transform the breadth of their communication capabilities with the adoption of mission critical broadband. Fast and reliable broadband data brings 'on the move' access to the wealth of information available in public safety databases while real time video services improve situational awareness in rescue missions and emergency situations.

Commercial operators are ideally placed to offer broadband communication to public safety customers, yet commercial networks do not meet their mission critical requirements.

The Nokia Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator (S-MVNO) solution helps commercial operators to enhance their networks to offer the availability, resilience, performance and security that Public Safety agencies demand. At the same time, the Public Safety agencies maintain control over their own communication through a dedicated Core which connects to the commercial network.



The solution builds on the Nokia ViTrust public safety portfolio to allow commercial operators to offer mission critical broadband services on their existing commercial networks.


S-MVNO for Public Safety services also helps Public Safety agencies to design, build and operate a robust core network allowing tight control over subscriber management, quality of service (QoS) and prioritization mechanisms for mission critical communications.


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