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SpaceTime Scene Analytics

Reduce cost and risk with analytics that proactively monitor CCTV and IoT streams

Our SpaceTime scene analytics solution transforms video surveillance and opens the door to new CCTV applications with technologies that detect unusual or unexpected activities as they happen. It can help you manage safety, security and operational continuity in a proactive and automated way.

Scene analytics lets you use computer vision and machine learning algorithms to process thousands of streams from video cameras and IoT sensors in real time. If the solution detects an anomaly, it sends an instant alert with insights and footage that help you prioritize and address the problem.

By deploying scene analytics, you can:

  • Reduce video streaming, storage and monitoring costs
  • Swiftly identify and mitigate any safety, security and operational risk
  • Proactively protect workers and the public from dangerous or life-threating situations 
  • Avoid costly accidents and unplanned shutdowns
  • Get more value from your CCTV infrastructure, including low-resolution cameras
  • Address your unique needs by combining your own algorithms with our built-in algorithms or best-of-breed public algorithms
  • Support “sensor fusion,” which allows you to trigger video events using other sensors and combine scene metadata from different sources to perform higher-level analytics

Support next-generation CCTV and video applications

Live video surveillance

Identify anomalous activities in live streams, filter objects or motion within a scene, and use external sensors to trigger events. Review prioritized events with a built-in viewing application or an external video management software (VMS) system.

Forensic analysis

View stored video events and filter them based on time, location or keywords. Analyze the associated video clips to investigate, understand and prevent unusual activity. Uncover more information about the scene with supervised learning capabilities that help identify objects, people and vehicles.

Business intelligence

Count people and objects and use this knowledge to improve traffic flows in public spaces and industrial sites. Create custom views that address your business needs.

Who can use scene analytics?

Scene analytics can improve situational awareness for any enterprise that relies on CCTV cameras and video surveillance, including power utilities, smart cities, railways, airports and logistics companies. The solution automates the capture and processing of scenes that show potential threats to safety, security or operational efficiency. Its insights can enable a wide range of use cases, from public safety to infrastructure protection and advanced assembly line quality control. 

Get full support from our services experts

We offer a full suite of services that can help you deploy, configure, customize and maintain the scene analytics application. Our experts are ready to provide tools, solutions and best practices that will ensure that you get maximum value from the application. We can also host the application for you.

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