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Empowering veterans to help accelerate the 5G rollout

Listen to find out how Nokia and SAC Wireless are empowering veterans to join the 5G labor force and be part of this exciting move into the future of wireless.

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Nokia today

Cari Shyiak 
Chief Executive Officer, SAC Wireless

Empowering veterans to help accelerate the 5G rollout

SAC Wireless President Cari Shyiak joins host Tyler Kern to dive into how Nokia and SAC Wireless are joined forces to provide American veterans the opportunity to join the labor force making the 5G rollout possible.

Key points:

  • The 5G rollout is going to require a significant labor force.
  • Veterans possess a variety of skills immediately transferrable to the wireless industry.
  • SAC Wireless and Nokia are empowering those veterans to join in the 5G rollout.

The continued rollout of robust 5G networks across the United States comes with a major challenge – finding the labor force to make the critical buildout of those networks possible.

However, SAC Wireless, a wholly owned, independently operated Nokia company, and Nokia have teamed up to help craft a solution.

The companies have worked with Learning Alliance Corporation and Warriors4Wireless to turn to the nation’s veterans, who already possess many skills that transfer to work in the wireless industry, empowering them to join the 5G labor force and be part of this exciting move into the future of wireless.

On this episode of the Nokia Today podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by SAC Wireless President Cari Shyiak to discuss exactly how the two companies are working to empower America’s heroes.

“When you look at veterans, they have the right philosophy and the right mindset around following process, utilizing tools and being a part of an organization that has the same set of objectives,” Shyiak said. “There are lot of different facets that they can fit into.”

In particular, veterans possess decisiveness, desire to improve, work ethic, discipline around safety and the ability to think critically in high-leverage situations, all of which make them ideal candidates for positions among this wireless workforce.

To empower these veterans, SAC Wireless has formed an ERG (Employee Resource Group) for veterans launching this year. As a veteran-owned and direct resource group, it will allow veterans the opportunity to connect, support one another, and provide direction for this key initiative.  

This is simply the next step in the company’s history of supporting veterans, as roles from project manager to civil foreman, network operations supervisors and more are open to veterans, and 30 to 40% of veterans hired by the company are promoted within SAC Wireless.  

Kern and Shyiak discussed at length why veterans are the perfect fit for the burgeoning 5G industry, SAC Wireless’ culture and model for career development, the current state of telecom and how it could shift heading into a 5G future, and more.

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