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The Nokia Bell Labs 5G certification

Listen to find out how companies and service providers will gain a better understanding and proficiency in the application of end-to-end 5G technologies with this certification process.

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Marianne Strobel

Nokia Today: The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program

Marianne Strobel walked host Tyler Kern through Nokia Bell Labs’ 5G certification program.

Key points:

  • Bell Labs is a leading technology and communications innovator.
  • Nokia delivers end-to-end solutions for 5G.
  • The Bell Labs 5G Certification is the first of its kind.

Nokia Bell Labs is the world-renowned, Nobel Prize-winning industrial research arm of Nokia. Marianne Strobel, Head of North America Customer Marketing and Communications at Nokia, walked host Tyler Kern through Nokia Bell Labs’ 5G Certification Program.

Throughout its 90-year history, Nokia Bell Labs has distinguished itself in the technology communications field through its multiple achievements and awards. In terms of innovation, Bell Labs invented the transistor, the laser, the solar cell, the Unix operating system and the cellular concept for mobile phones. 

So, what does Bell Labs have in store for 5G?

Strobel pointed out that Bell Lab’s involvement with 5G technology research dates back 10 years. 

“The certification program Nokia’s developed is to help industry professionals realize the full business potential of end-to-end 5G networks,” Strobel said. “It’s the first of its kind, and this program is the only one out there that offers all professionals across the information and communication technology industry two levels of certification.” 

The two levels are an associate level and a professional-level certification.

The associate-level certification, which is currently available, delivers essential knowledge covering everything from the basics of 5G networking to professional-level planning and development.

Companies and service providers that go through this certification process will gain a better understanding and proficiency in the application of end-to-end 5G technologies. 

To learn more about the Bell Labs 5G certification program, go to

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