Improving life with light. Create a truly personalized mood in your home with wireless controls, voice, sensors and the flick of a switch.

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Award-winning design

Simple and Intuitive

Simple and intuitive

Nokia Smart Lighting is designed to take the guesswork out of setting the scene or creating the perfect mood.

Precision Engineering

Precision engineering

These controls are designed to look good and last, with ingenuity that has received two international design awards.

Nokia Smart Lighting received a Red Dot Design Award and an International Design Forum Award.

Red Dot Design Award and an International Design Forum Award

intelligently reliable

Intelligently reliable

Touch a switch or turn a dial and your lights turn on. Every time. With patented dual-mesh technology, even if your Wi-Fi is down, your switches still work.

lighting the way

Lighting the way

Control the lighting in any room, even in the furthest reaches of your home. Whether your home is big or small, you’ll never experience dead zones.

scales with you

Scales with you

Unlike other brands on the market, this technology allows you to add an almost infinite number of fixtures.

Smart lighting made easy

Easy to setup

Easy to setup

Most systems require a technology pro. You can install Nokia Smart Lighting on your own.

Discover three column smart lighting made easy easy to manage

Easy to manage

An intuitive app makes managing your devices as simple as...flicking a switch.

Easy on the wallet

Easy on the wallet

Choose the products that work best for you at prices that won’t blow your budget.

Discover Promo Ultimate Control

Ultimate control

Add the Nokia Smart Lighting Bridge to enjoy your Nokia Smart Lighting from anywhere—at home, on vacation, or in the car. It simplifies setup, runs your lighting schedules and lets you control your lights with an app or voice assistant.

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