Nokia 2 Ton 3 Star Triple Inverter Smart AC

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Go beyond cooling. Control a filtered airflow using your smartphone with the Nokia 2 Ton 3 Star Triple Inverter Smart AC. 

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Breathe pure air

Pure cooling
Fast, efficient cooling that’s customizable to you and your home. 

Pure experience
Circulate air that’s specially filtered to remove impurities such as bacteria, dust, and allergens. 

Pure intelligence
Intelligent sensors target cooler, cleaner air around you – all controllable with your smartphone.

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Pure cooling

Less noise, more efficiency

Triple Inverter technology and a highly efficient compressor enables quiet cooling with fewer vibrations. 

Switch and save power 

Enjoy air conditioning suited to your needs and save power by switching the cooling capacity between 1.5 ton and 1 ton with the 4-in-1 adjustable inverter. 

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Pure experience

Breathe cleaner air            

The anti-microbial ionizer releases a stream of ions to remove particles such as dust and allergens, and the 6-in-1 filter removes other impurities, such as bacteria and bad odors. 

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Pure intelligence

Target and regulate cooling      

The iFeel feature sets the AC to scan the room and target cooling to the area around the individual. The motion sensor then tracks movement in the room to continue directing the cooled, filtered air. 

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Smart control for all

Use your smartphone as a remote to change modes or adjust settings. You can also link multiple AC units to a single smartphone and set up multiple schedules, so every family member has a unique profile.

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Voice commands

Control all the cooling settings including temperature, airflow and more with simple voice commands through Google Assistant.   

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Pure performance

Suited to India’s conditions

The internal components are designed to withstand voltage fluctuations to give you stabilizer-free operation within a wide voltage range of 165V- 265V.

Hassle-free maintenance

By pressing a single button, any accumulated dirt and finer particles are removed from the evaporator of the AC through an automatic 4-stage cleaning process. 

Built to last

For a longer life of the AC, the corrosion-resistant Blue Fin coating on the coils offers advanced protection from moisture deposits, salt accumulation and acid traces.


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      Flipkart India Private Limited

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      3 star

    • Tonnage

      2 ton

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