Nokia True Wireless Earphones T3030

Wireless Earphones T3030

Immersive, long-lasting audio on the go.



Wireless Earphones T3030
Wireless Earphones T3030


More immersive. Better clarity.

Engineered with a 13mm dynamic driver, the Nokia T3030 earphones give you an enhanced, immersive sound experience.

Connections that last

Enjoy up to five hours of non-stop playtime and get twenty hours additional full charge with the portable charging box, giving you long-lasting connectivity.

Know your power

You can always check your battery consumption with the digital LED display on the case.

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Wireless Earphones T3030

Here to help

Play your favorite music, get directions or make a call with the voice assistant feature, the much-needed aide that helps make your life easier.

Wireless Earphones T3030

Uninterrupted listening

The IP44 water-proof design gives you added protection from sweat, dust and water splashes, letting you enjoy your music while on the go or working out.

Wireless Earphones T3030

Instant connection

Connect instantly, seamlessly and reliably to your world of music. The Nokia T3030 earphones feature 30 feet wireless range and auto-pairing function.


Wireless Earphones T3030

Designed for comfort

The Nokia T3030 is ultra-lightweight and compact, making it easily portable and comfortable to use for long hours.

Choose your color

The Nokia T3030 is available in two colors - Ocean Blue and Moss Green.


Ocean Blue
Wireless Earphones T3030


  1. Manufacturer details

    Flipkart India Private Limited
  2. Product description

    Essential True Wireless Earphones 3030
  3. Design

  4. Basics

    Connector type
    USB Type C
  5. Driver

  6. Bluetooth

  7. Battery

  8. Included accessories

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. This device has 13mm dynamic drivers which deliver clear mids, extended highs and rich bass.
  2. Yes, it comes with an inbuilt mic. 
  3. Yes, it does. You can activate voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri by tapping on the earphone 3 times.
  1. The Nokia T3030 packaging includes three different ear tip sizes (S, M, L). You can try the various ear tips to find the size that best suits you and delivers an optimal sound quality.
  2. Charging port is Type C on the charging case.
  3. You can activate the pairing mode by selecting the Nokia T3030 entry in the Bluetooth menu on your device.
  4. You can choose the next track by tapping twice on the right earbud and the previous track by tapping twice on the left earbud.  
  5. The Nokia T3030 supports Bluetooth 5.1 technology.

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Support for this product is provided by Flipkart - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to call Flipkart support.