Nokia Smart Lighting Bridge

Nokia Smart Lighting Bridge

Power up your smart lighting.

Nokia Smart Lighting Bridge Lifestyle
Bridge Key Benefits Better Together

Better together

Nokia Smart Lighting products are designed to work together, with or without a bridge. Adding the Nokia bridge, though, opens a world of options to control and automate the lighting around your home.

You're in control

You’re in control

The Bridge, combined with the Nokia Smart Lighting App, makes it easy to control and manage your lighting from anywhere. On the road or at home with your phone or voice assistant.

Level up your lighting

Get a leg up on setup

Get a leg up on setup

The Nokia Smart Lighting app makes installation easier with step-by-step instructions that get you up and running in no time.

Fine tune your switches

Fine tune your switches

Optimize your switches to suit your needs—from preset dim levels and fade speeds to keypad button behavior and LED indicator brightness.

Set schedules

Set schedules

Set the lighting in your home to fit your routines: Waking up at sunrise, preparing for dinner, or putting the kids to bed. Even sleeping in a bit longer on weekends.

Be your own lighting director

Transition your lighting from one activity to the next with ease. Control a room’s fixtures together or set them individually to create the perfect scene instantaneously—from the wall switch or through the app.

Dial it in

Dial it in

Nokia Smart Lighting switches are designed to work with dimmable LED bulbs, preventing odd behaviors like flickering. And the app helps you optimize for your bulbs so they look and work their best.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. No. The Nokia Bridge powers the advanced features available in the Nokia Smart Lighting app.
  2. Yes. Nokia Smart Lighting products use advanced communication and control protocols that are not supported by other smart home hubs and bridges you may already have.
  3. Nokia Smart Lighting products, when paired with the Nokia Bridge, work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Smartlabs is also working with Apple to certify the Nokia Smart Lighting products to work with HomeKit.
  1. Nokia Smart Lighting products combine Radio Frequency (RF) and Powerline (existing wires in a home) for superior reliability and responsiveness. This dual-mesh network brings the performance of wired and the convenience of wireless to ensure your lights work, even if your home’s Wi-Fi is down. That means no more dead zones, network saturation, or latency that sometimes comes with wireless-only systems.
  2. You can group and control Nokia Smart Lighting products with Zigbee and Z-Wave products through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant when you also have Zigbee and Z-Wave products connected to Alexa or Google Home.

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Email Smartlabs support

Support for this product is provided by Smartlabs  - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to email Smartlabs.

Call Smartlabs support

Support for this product is provided by Smartlabs  - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to call Smartlabs.