Nokia Smart Lighting Dial

Nokia Smart Lighting Dial

A new twist on the smart dimmer.

Dial Edge to Edge
Key Benefits

Turn up your lighting

Instantly familiar

Turn it up, turn it down. Your whole household already knows how this dimmer works.

Precision dimming

Whether you’re working, entertaining, or relaxing, dial in the perfect lighting level for your needs.

Plays well with others

Paired with other Nokia Smart Lighting products, the Nokia Dial can brighten or dim multiple fixtures in the room.

Make it Your Own

Make it your own

Customize the Nokia Smart Lighting Dial for your needs. How bright should it turn on initially? How quickly? How brightly should the LED indicator glow…if at all? You decide—or use it right out of the box with its optimized settings.

Ultimate compatibility

It’s a switch and a dimmer

Any fixture

One switch does it all. Whether your fixtures are dimmable or not, Nokia Smart Lighting supports them all.

It works with any bulb

Any bulb

LED, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent—the dial handles them all. And it’s easy to adjust dimming ranges so they dim perfectly.

It’s flexible for your needs

Any configuration

Multiple switches controlling the same fixtures? Switches at the top and bottom of stairs? No worries. Set up any room or group of lights to your liking—it’s all supported.

Dial promo ultimate control

Ultimate control

Add the Nokia Smart Lighting Bridge to enjoy your Nokia Smart Lighting from anywhere—at home, on vacation, or in the car. It simplifies setup, runs your lighting schedules and lets you control your lights with an app or voice assistant.

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Ultimate Ease

Ultimate ease

The Nokia Smart Lighting Dial is as easy to install as a standard wall switch. No electrician required. The app steps you through the process.

Enlightened design

Fits your style

Fits your style

Like other Nokia Smart Lighting products, the Nokia Dial is sleek and understated to blend into any decor.

Clean and simple

Clean and simple

Add a screwless wall plate for a seamless appearance.

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    Nokia Smart Lighting Dial
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Frequently asked questions

  1. Nokia Smart Lighting products, when paired with the Nokia Bridge, work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Smartlabs is also working with Apple to certify the Nokia Smart Lighting products to work with HomeKit.
  2. All Nokia Smart Lighting switches—the Paddle, Dial, and Keypad—require a neutral wire for power.
  3. Yes, all Nokia Smart Lighting switches can be used in 3-way, 4-way, and even more complex multi-way circuits. You’ll need to replace each of the switches in the loop (e.g., both switches in a 3-way circuit) with Nokia switches, and our smart lighting app can guide you through the wiring and setup process.
  1. The Nokia Dial can be used as a switch, when set to on/off mode, for exhaust fans and ceiling fans. Do not use in dimmer mode to adjust the speed of motorized devices like ceiling fans and exhaust fans or for non-dimmable lights.
  2. The Nokia Dial is not rated to control switched lighting outlets installed in your home. It can, however, be used in on/off mode to control the Nokia Smart Lighting Outlet.

Need help?

Email Smartlabs support

Support for this product is provided by Smartlabs  - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to email Smartlabs.

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Support for this product is provided by Smartlabs - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to call Smartlabs.