Nokia Essential Earphones E2102A

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Nokia Essential Earphones E2101A in black

Sleek design. Refined sound. 

Nokia Essential Earphones E2102A in black.
Nokia Essential Earphones E2102A in black.


Discreet listening experience

A finely-tuned dynamic driver delivers an energetic sound performance while silicon ear-tips allow excellent noise isolation.

No charging required

These earphones do not need charging, so power will never be the limiting factor. 

Communication tool

Built-in high-quality microphone captures your voice clearly, ideal for chatting with a friend on the phone or conference calls.

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Less is more

Nokia Essential Earphones E2101A with 3.5mm audio jack

3.5mm audio connection

Stable, zero-latency connection for uninterrupted music enjoyment and clear calls with your supporting laptops, tablets and mobiles.


Nokia Essential Earphones E2102A with silicon ear tips.

Snug fit

Comfortable and lightweight design with soft silicone ear-tips for stress free all-day wear, with minimal sound loss.

Nokia Essential Earphones E2101A in black with built-in microphone

Tactile remote

Play, pause, skip, rewind, answer calls, hang up or decline - easily access your music and call functions with a simple touch of a button.

Choose your color

The Nokia E2102A is available in two colors. Choose between black and white. 

Nokia Essential Earphones E2102A in white.


  1. Manufacturer details

    RichGo Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
  2. General:

    Wearing style:
    Wired earphones
    Ear coupling:
    Frequency response:
    20 Hz to 20KHz
    Transducer principle: