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Telia Norway launches SD-WAN: Simplified and centralized network control in the cloud


Telia now launches the next generation datacom services for the enterprise market. Telia SD-WAN flexibly adapts to the needs of the company, and the whole company network can be administered centrally from the cloud.

We are happy to announce the start of the new generation datacom services in the enterprise market, says Jon Christian Hillestad, Head of Enterprise in Telia Norway. This solution represents a whole new way of producing datacom services, that gives opportunities regarding services, operation and functionality for our customers. It will also utilize our 5G network that we are starting to roll out.

As the digitalization of companies become increasingly cloud-based, this requires a more advanced network that supports this development. Telia SD-WAN gives companies network services that enable digitalization and cloud-based solutions and makes sure that changes can be done automatically and continuously.

Data traffic and applications are to a larger and larger extent moved to various cloud platforms, and Telia SD-WAN is good news for all companies with digitalization as a part of their business strategy, says Hillestad.

Enables rapid changes

With SD-WAN, the control and running of the network is simplified, because it is separated from underlying infrastructure and hardware, and moved to the cloud. Unlike traditional networks, you can also prioritize and steer the traffic down to application level. The network functions are virtual, which enables network automation and thus the possibility for rapid changes as the needs of the company change. Also, other network services can be activated if needed, either in the cloud or as a software on the company’s devices.

SD-WAN is put as a software virtually over any kind of IP connection, making it possible for the customer to choose the connection that suits them best. Thanks to automized and software-based network functionality, the network adapts immediately and flexibly to the fast-changing needs of the customer.

Increased competitive power through flexibility and speed

Telia SD-WAN makes it possible for companies to build their network on top of cost-efficient connections, or to choose VPN lines with guaranteed band width and end-to-end quality parameters. The maintenance of the company network is thus more agile, as the need to do updates on each location is eliminated – these can be done once, in one place, and be controlled centrally.

Telia has a global common platform deployed on three continents that enables international deliveries of SD-WAN services and has chosen Nokia Nuage Networks as their partner:

Sunil Khandekar, CEO for Nokia’s Nuage Networks, said: “We’re extremely pleased that Telia is building on our successful collaboration in Finland and is now offering SD-WAN services based on our next generation solution in Norway. Our SD-WAN 2.0 technology will provide Telia with a powerful platform for offering advanced digital services to support cloud connectivity and automation. Telia’s SD-WAN services will be fundamental to the digital transformation of its Enterprise customers in the Norwegian market.”

About Nuage Networks from Nokia 

Nuage Networks, a Nokia venture, provides SD-WAN 2.0 solutions to 70+ certified managed service providers and 700+ enterprise customers spanning all markets, as well as the public sector. Our SD-WAN 2.0 solution is a centrally-controlled, open, multi-cloud, virtual networking platform. It enables customers to efficiently and cost-effectively connect all locations and users to deliver improved application performance with embedded security throughout the network. ACG Research ranked Nuage Networks #1 in SD-WAN delivered through service providers. For the latest information, please visit us online and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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