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5G cameras

5G VIP viewing experience

Enhance the VIP viewing experience by streaming stadium events with remotely controlled robot PTZ cameras in 5G mmW real time. Nokia 5G mmW uplink enables sharp, <200ms latency event broadcasting for attendees, making sure that VIPs don’t miss the action whether they’re watching live in the stadium or via the high-quality broadcast on the hospitality zone’s TV wall.

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Director for a day

360° event viewing

VIPs can dive into the action from the comfort of the hospitality zone by watching high-quality 360° videos of the event on either a tablet or by using a VR headset. They can select a multimedia stream from one of two 360 cameras positioned on the cables of the ring.

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Augmented reality

AR event experience

Bring the action to life with superimposed visuals, statistics and navigation through the power of augmented reality. Viewers can access information about the cyclists that are performing, the competition itself and race results as they are inserted in real time into the XD motion video source.

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Augmented audio

Immersive audio

Immerse attendees in the heart of the event with a variety of 5G-enabled audio streams. From language to race sounds, spectators can choose the audio streams they want from their own smartphones without latency and mix them for the ultimate bespoke audio experience.

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Connected bicycle

Guest VR experiences

Take an immersive virtual spin around the track with connected bikes. During breaks in the stadium, attendees can compete against athletes and other guests in a two-lap eCycling race on connected bikes in front of pre-recorded 5G broadcast track footage.

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5G Multi-angle broadcasting

Boost VOGOSPORT’s event-enhancing functionalities with 5G. Amplify the application’s dynamic look and feel by 5G broadcasting multiple view angles at optimal quality and fluidity – compared to the limited angles, quality and fluidity of 4G counterpart.

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Connected photos

5G photojournalist services

Enable sports photographers to snap-and-go with a 5G modem connected to their camera, allowing them to either automatically send all of their pictures to the server or upload them manually at a later time. VIPs can get a sneak peek of these high-octane photos in a gallery on the hospitality zone’s TV wall.

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Immersive tour

The 5G backstage pass

Give VIP attendees the ultimate backstage pass with 5G connectivity. 5G-connected mobile cameras get viewers up close and personal with every aspect of the event, from warm-ups, athletic preparations, medal ceremonies and interviews. VIPs can watch these high-quality videos from the comfort of backstage, either on a VoGo Multiview app or the TV wall.

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