Fulfill Secure Plan & Evolve Assure Discover & Visualize Slice Optimize Predict Heal NetworkAutomation

Plan and evolve

Grow your optical capacity and transform your network to offer differentiated services while making the whole process more efficient and reliable.

How WaveSuite helps:

optical network planning, rollout and transformation



Rapidly detect and react to security threats and vulnerabilities to safeguard your optical network infrastructure.

How WaveSuite helps:

key management policies, quantum key generation and distribution, and intrusion detection with localization



Accelerate service order delivery and differentiate customer experience to increase loyalty and improve operational efficiency.

How WaveSuite helps:

L0/L1 optical service provisioning, L0/L1 synchronization fulfillment, bandwidth on demand/calendaring and flow-through provisioning



Monetize L1 network infrastructure and shared spectrum assets by enabling wholesale/retail business models and bandwidth on demand to accelerate market share.

How WaveSuite helps:

hierarchical tenant L0 service slicing and spectrum sharing, hierarchical tenant L1 service slicing and optical virtual private network slicing


Discover and visualize

Discover the present state of your network inventory assets and services to improve network planning and visualization and deliver on your business objectives.

How WaveSuite helps:

L0/L1 optical topology discovery, open optical line system discovery and multi-domain network topology discovery

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Diagnose errors faster with accurate, streamlined problem resolution that ensures you can deliver on SLA commitments and protect revenue streams.

How WaveSuite helps:

network and service supervision and assurance, network restoration and primary network diagnostics



Improve productivity and mean time to repair for network faults to minimize network OPEX.

How WaveSuite helps:

network maintenance interventions, advanced network analysis and diagnostics, and self-healing operations

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Streamline network lifecycle management by gaining insight into network trends so you can adhere to SLAs and reduce network TCO.

How WaveSuite helps:

trending and predictive analytics

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Maximize spectral capacity potential and resilience, improve performance and reduce energy consumption to extend network life and minimize CAPEX.

How WaveSuite helps:

link/channel optimization, what-if analysis, network re-optimization, energy efficiency and closed-loop optimization