Nokia Camera - What is the Nokia Camera app on my Lumia device?

Nokia Camera will bring the Quality and Features from Nokia Pro Camera and Nokia Smart Camera (Smart Capture Mode) together into one application for a complete and unified behavior and fast access to Editing, Re-living and Sharing.  If your phone has Nokia Pro Camera preinstalled, you can upgrade it to Nokia Camera for free - download the Nokia Camera app from Store. Installing Nokia Camera removes Nokia Pro Camera from your phone. 

Main features:

  • Nokia Pro Camera, Smart Camera and Video Capture in the same application.
  • Capture Pictures, Smart Burst Sequences and Videos – all in the same application.
  • Automatic mode optimized for fast point-and-shoot with direct access to Sport and Night Modes and the most important controls with a cleaner dashboard.
  • Manual settings introduced in Nokia Pro Camera for creative control.
  • Reframing and Edit - Nokia Camera always stores the originals so you can edit again and again.