Windows Phone 7.8 update for Lumia

Our biggest Lumia updates yet

With new resizable Live Tiles, Bluetooth Share, Cinemagraph and Camera Extras. Available for Lumia 900, Lumia 800, Lumia 710, Lumia 610 and Lumia 510.

How and when can I get it?

The updates will be delivered in phases by the end of April – you'll get a notification on your phone when they're ready to go. To download the software update, connect your phone to your PC and use the Zune PC app; on a Mac, use the Windows Phone app for Mac. Once you’re done, get the new apps from Marketplace on your phone.

Windows Phone 7.8 Lumia 800

What do I get with the latest update?

New resizable Live Tiles. Pick the tiles that matter to you most, move them about and resize them as you like – and mix it up by fitting four columns of smaller tiles on your screen to reduce scrolling.

Got the update? Now get the apps.

There’s lots of great apps for your Nokia Lumia. With the likes of Cinemagraph, Camera Extras and Bluetooth Share to soup up your phone, you can get things set up just the way you want them. You can find these and more in Nokia Collection in Marketplace on your phone – take a look.

Nokia Smart Shoot
Bluetooth Share – now you can share more

Share all the things you love via Bluetooth on your Lumia phone. You can easily send photos and more to your friends’ devices – because sharing is what Lumia is all about.

Camera Extras – a new way to take photos

Make your photos look super-sweet. Smart Shoot lets you choose the best smiles in one photo, Erase Object lets you edit out the stuff you didn’t mean to shoot, Action Shot captures movement in your photos and Panorama gives you a wide and wonderful view.

Cinemagraph – liven up your photos

Make your photos come to life with Cinemagraph. Blend your photos with movie-like animation, and then share it with your friends via social media, messaging or email.