Nokia Lumia 1520 - Large Screen Smartphone
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Wow. A Really Great Phone. I only bought this a few days ago but decided to write a review already. I read the reviews and gave it some thought. I was worried about the size of it so bought a belt clip from Caselands, an ebay shop. I really can't say enough good things about this phone. The case means I can carry it all day without worry on my belt, left hand side. It is critical that any phone can be easily carried so I'm pleased I thought about this before I bought the phone. I have however carried a phone on my belt for the past four years now. I got tired of having a pocket taken up with a phone and getting dirt in it from my pocket. The screen is amazing as is the battery life. I can use it heaps during the day and still find it 75% charged at night. I think a bigger screen is important for the way I use a phone as it is used not only for checking products and prices but for setting appointments, answering messages etc.. My personal use includes photos and Facebook posting. Phone calls are only a part of my phone usage. This is my mobile computer. I had an iPhone for two years (and really liked it except I wanted a bigger screen) then a month ago bought a Nokia 520 to test Windows Phone. I found I loved Windows Phone and the little 520 was amazing value, almost good enough but I wanted a phone with a bigger screen. I am now waiting for Windows Phone 8.1 but I love this phone already and I haven't even begun to really use it but everything from screen, to speaker phone to overall performance is simply superb. 4 July 2014
Excellent super and awesome mobile for smartphone likers 11 June 2014
Excellent phone Great readability, battery life , fantastic phone 6 July 2014
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