Nokia Lumia 920 - How do I insert dialing pause into a contact phone number on my Nokia Lumia phone?

If you frequently make calls to automated systems that require an additional digit or extension to be dialed, with the following steps you can insert dialing pause into a contact's phone number.

  1. On the Start screen, tap People.
  2. Create a new contact, tap + (plus) or edit an existing phone details.
  3. Type the digits to dial into the phone number box, and then press and hold `.´ (period) key at the lower right of the keyboard.
  4. After you tap this key, a pop up menu appears.
  5.  ,comma - Pause
     (open parenthesis - Area Codes
     )close parenthesis - Area Codes
     Xletter x - No Function
  6. Insert `,´ (comma) where you want the dialing to be paused (example +35850950777,12345). Comma would tell the dialing to pause about 2 seconds before sending the extension string. For longer delays you can insert more pauses.
  7. When you are finished, press Save.