Nokia Lumia 920 - How do I add or manage favourites in HERE Maps on my Windows Phone?

You can see your favourites and collections by tapping the favourites (star) icon in the main menu of HERE Maps.To add a place to your favourites:

  • Search for a place.
  • Tap the place icon to view the place details.
  • Tap the add-to-favourites [plus-and-star icon] icon.
  • Change the name of the favourite (if desired) and then confirm.
  • Select the collection where you want to save the favourite.

To remove a place from your favourites:

  • Tap the favourites icon in main menu and select the collection to see your favourites.
  • Tap the place to be removed.
  • Tap the unfavourite (star-and-minus) icon.

To see your favourites on the map (marked by a yellow star), select Settings > Show favourites on map.