Nokia Lumia 920 - I cannot send or receive text messages on my Lumia phone

  1. Check the signal bar at the top of the screen to ensure you have good network coverage. 
  2. Make a call from your phone to make sure that the network has registered the phone correctly.
  3. Go to Messaging > New (+) > tap 123 key located at the bottom left, type your own mobile phone number on the dial pad, type a message and then tap send. This will test your phone sending and receiving capabilities in one go.
  4. Disable the cellular data connection on your phone temporarily. Go to Settings > cellular (mobile network) and switch Data connection to Off.
  5. If you have Multi-SIM (two SIM cards with the same mobile phone number), note that SMS and MMS can only be received on your assigned “primary” SIM card.
  6. Check with your service provider that there are no issues with your subscription or SMS settings (Messaging > ... > settings > SMS centre number).

If the previous steps do not help, insert a different operator SIM card into your phone to verify that the phone is working properly.