Nokia Mail powered by Yahoo - Why did I get an email about my Nokia Account termination? SAVE YOUR STUFF!

We at Nokia follow the industry best practices for consumer data governance and privacy. As a result, we are sending an email to those Nokia consumers who had created a Nokia Account in the past, but haven't used it during the last two years. This email reminder gives you an opportunity to keep your Nokia Account active, and preserve associated data. If you don’t sign in to your Nokia Account within the period specified in the email, your Nokia Account and all associated data will be permanently deleted to protect your privacy.

To retain your Nokia Account and data, you just need to log into your Nokia Account. If you have forgotten the Nokia Account password, it can be retrieved using the normal Forgot your password link.

Due to technical problem in the email sending system, some consumers may have received an email with some missing text. The subject line of the email is: ‘SAVE YOUR STUFF! Sign in to your Nokia account before it disappears forever!’. We will be resending the email to make sure that consumers receive this important information regarding their Nokia Account. We apologise any inconvenience this may have caused.