Nokia Music for Windows Phone - What does it mean when I sign into Nokia Music store and I am asked if I would like to change my registered PC?

Your Nokia Music Unlimited subscription allows a change in the registered PC every three months. If your account is logged into using a different PC and your registered PC has not been changed in the last three months, there is the opportunity to make this PC your registered PC. If Yes is selected, new music as well as your already downloaded music will be available via your Nokia Music Unlimited account to download to your newly registered PC. If your registered PC is changed, it will no longer be possible to play your Nokia Music Unlimited tracks on your previously registered PC.

For up to one year after your subscription has ended, it will be possible to change either your registered PC or Nokia mobile device once every three months. It will not be possible to download any new tracks from the Nokia Music Unlimited service. Tracks previously downloaded through your Nokia Music Unlimited account can be redownloaded and transfered between your registered PC and your registered mobile device using Nokia Music Player.