Nokia Transport 3.3 - Find your way using public transport

Scheduling your journey using trams, trains, and buses can be hard – why not let your phone do the planning?

  1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Nokia Transport iconNokia Transport > journey planner.
  2. If you don't want to start your journey from where you are right now, write your start point in the From: box, and select from the matches.
  3. Write your destination in the To: box, and select from the matches.
  4. To see later or earlier journeys, drag the screen left or right. It may take a few seconds to recalculate the journeys.
  5. To see a journey in detail, tap the journey.

    In the journey details view, to see the next or previous journey, swipe left or right.

  6. To see your journey on the map, tap launch maps icon. Or, if you want to jump straight to a particular section of your journey, tap the section, for example, a bus route.

    To switch to the next or previous section of your journey, swipe left or right on the info area below the map.

  7. If you want to see the stops along your bus route (or other section of your journey), swipe up from the info area below the map.