1. Download apps to move it for you

First connect your old phone to your PC or Mac. Copy your phone data across using Nokia Suite on PC at http://www.nokia.com/nokiasuite or Nokia Multimedia Transfer for Mac at https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/25129/nokia-multimedia-transfer.

2. Get your apps and data to your new Lumia

In Nokia Suite, select Tools > Upload to SkyDrive and sign in with your Microsoft account to copy your photos, contacts and calendar to the cloud. Using a USB cable, connect your new Lumia to a computer and use file manager to restore your files.

3. Sync your cloud accounts

On your old phone, sync all your cloud accounts manually to make sure everything is up to date in the cloud. On your new Lumia, add the cloud accounts in settings > e-mail + accounts. In the account settings check all the information you want is synced.

4. Sync your new phone with your PC

To make sure everything is up-to-date, sync all your cloud accounts on your old phone. Then add them to your new Lumia. It’s that simple.

Sync your new phone with your Mac

The free Windows Phone app for Mac helps you make sure everything is up-to-date by syncing all your cloud accounts on your old phone and adding them to your new Lumia.


For instructions on enabling and troubleshooting Bluetooth, syncing accounts or syncing with Nokia Suite, see the user guide for your phone or the Nokia Suite help menu. Search the Store to find similar Windows Phone apps you have been using on your old phone. Nokia Suite supports syncing photos to SkyDrive in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

Help is at hand.

If you ever need help, Nokia Support will be there to assist you. Check out our Nokia Support section where you’ll find user guides, discussions, easy-to-follow video tutorials, FAQs and more.