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Nokia Code of Conduct

"As a young entrepreneur one of my core principles was: ‘We want to be proud not only of what we achieve but also of the way we achieve it’. That fits perfectly with Nokia as well, and the Code of Conduct is our guideline to being proud of the way we do business." - Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia Chairman

At Nokia, we value the opinions of others and know that stakeholder and shareholder trust is core to our competitiveness and success. We take professional pride in the work we do as well as how we achieve it. We cherish the Nokia brand and reputation we have managed to build over the years. That’s why we strive for the highest degree of ethical conduct in every action we take. We are committed to running our business in line with internationally recognized ethical and responsible business practices. 

Responsible business behavior is one of the cornerstones of Nokia’s culture of performance and integrity. In a company of our size and global scope, the Code of Conduct helps our people to make the right decisions in everyday work.

Nokia is devoted to maintaining a culture in which employees feel comfortable raising concerns and potential violations of the Code of Conduct. We prohibit retaliation against any employee at Nokia who reports in good faith or who participates in an investigation of a possible violation of the Code of Conduct.

Nokia requires all employees to familiarize themselves with and follow Nokia’s Code of Conduct in their work. Our program to make it a part of daily business includes training, materials, team discussions and a mobile app.

Nokia Code of Conduct (English)

How to report a suspected violation of the Nokia Code of Conduct

We want to address concerns quickly and thoroughly. We therefore encourage stakeholders to report suspected violations of our Code or legal compliance promptly by contacting us through any of the following channels:


We won’t require people to identify themselves in jurisdictions that allow anonymous reporting, though this may affect our ability to fully investigate the matter.

Please note that channels for reporting suspected violations of Nokia’s Code of Conduct should not be used for business enquiries, customer complaints or product support. Please look here for alternative contact options.


We have strict zero tolerance on corruption. As a multinational company, we play an important role in fighting corruption. Our policy on anti-corruption is anchored into our compliance program, that is built on 5 elements; risk assessment, training, communications, reporting & resolution and program evaluation. As a key part of the program we annually train all our employees on our Code of Conduct and Ethical Business. Every employee is expected to take the training every year. We also provide targeted anti-corruption training for employees in sales, procurement, marketing and other relevant functions. We conduct annual risk assessments to monitor the effectiveness of our program.

Our strong stance on anti-corruption will also give us a competitive advantage with customers who demand high ethical standards in their supply chain. We engage only reputable sales representatives and other third parties who share our commitment to zero-tolerance on corruption. Our suppliers and business partners go through an established selection process and we expect all our suppliers and business partners to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct (see below training for customers, suppliers and business partners).

For Nokia Third Parties including Suppliers and Business Partners 

As a third party doing business with Nokia, you and your colleagues play a critical role in our mutual success every day. In partnering with us, and in sharing your expertise, services, technical assistance, materials and goods, you are an integral part of a broader Nokia community that is working to fulfill the expectations of our customers. And one of the critical expectations of our customers, and of those who regulate our work, is that we act fully in compliance with applicable law and to the highest ethical standards.

Watch the accompanying video by Jeff Eglash, VP and Chief Compliance Officer and Johannes Giloth, SVP Global Operations and Chief Procurement Officer, which explains Nokia’s Code of Conduct and commitment to high ethical standards.