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We take our responsibility in connecting the world seriously, and we know that our technology can be part of the solution for many global challenges. 

We help operators deal with the growth in data traffic in a sustainable way

As a provider of the technologies and services that power our information society, we recognize our responsibility in helping telecom operators reduce energy consumption in their networks.

Our recent activity in this are includes two launches: the Zero CO2 emission base station site offering which enables a reduction in base station site energy consumption of up to 70% and the AirScale Base Station which consumes zero energy in its radio parts when there is no traffic. 

To find out more, go to Protecting the environment

We enhance the power of connectivity

Connectivity has tremendous potential for economic and social empowerment for any individual. In addition, it can be used in areas such as improving public safety and the resilience of communities to extreme weather changes and unlocking the potential of digital health.

To find out more, go to Improving people’s lives with technology

We improve the privacy and security in the digital society

Technological progress cannot, and should not, be made at any cost. For example, technologies should respect, and not infringe, human rights. In addition, as operators, enterprises, and users are sharing and storing increasing amounts of information using communications technology, information security is more important than ever. We understand our responsibility in connecting the world in a fair and sustainable manner, and we aim to be the most secure mobile broadband technology provider. 

To find out about our activity, go to Respecting people in everything we do

We want to create a working environment where everyone feels valued, motivated and inspired to reach their full potential

To support this aspiration, we provide development and training opportunities, equal opportunities and flexible working. We also value the diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience of employees.

To find out more, go to Respecting people in everything we do

We maintain world-class environmental performance in our own operations

We improve our eco efficiency throughout the life cycle of our products and consider the interdependence of environmental impacts at different life cycle phases.

To find out more, go to Protecting the environment

We work hard to ensure sustainability in our supply chain

Also our suppliers must meet our commitment to respecting people and the environment. We ensure compliance through regular and robust assessments, and work with suppliers to improve performance where needed.

To find out more, go to Driving improvements with suppliers

We partner with NGOs

Through our corporate social responsibility programs, we work with NGOs to improve people’s lives around the world. Our partners are Plan, Save the Children, Oxfam and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation.

To find out more, go to Partnering with NGOs

We cooperate with others in our industry

We regularly contribute to working groups and committees of various industry organizations that promote sustainability goals. We participate in groups addressing topics such as freedom of expression and privacy, climate change, common responsibility on supply chain issues, connecting the unconnected and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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