Nokia Lumia for business


Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone - the no compromise smartphones for business

The best business smartphone just got bigger

Introducing the Nokia Lumia 1520. With a 6”, 1080p full HD display with excellent outdoor readability, built-in Microsoft Office and Outlook. And with superior sound and video recording capabilities, you can enjoy better quality video and voice calls over Lync and Skype.

Case Study

"Moving away from BlackBerry meant we could give smartphones to more people because there were no more monthly licence fees to pay. They love the new Lumia devices because they're smart, quick and have great functionality."


Case Study

“No question, the Lumia has sped operations up greatly and reduced operational costs. There has been a 50% reduction in the time it takes to complete on-site tasks.”                                   -Mark Cooper, IT Director at UKDN Waterflow

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Talk to a Vodafone expert about Nokia Lumia

Want to learn more about moving to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone? Need to talk to someone about what it means for your business? Interested in hearing about the latest offers? Talk to one of Vodafone’s Nokia Lumia experts on 08080 044 494.


Security that's fit for business

Windows Phone security includes secure boot, ensuring the phone only runs with authentic software and encryption that protects all your data on the phone. Password lock protects against unauthorised access and can also be set remotely by your company.

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