Browse smarter with the New Asha smartphones

Browsing with New Asha range

Less data, more browsing. Trends and news brought straight to you. Tabs that let you browse multiple sites at the same time. The web experience on our New Asha smartphones makes your online life faster and smarter.

Use less data while browsing

The Nokia Xpress Browser gives you a complete internet experience while using less data than other browsers. It does this by, for example, loading images in a size optimised for your mobile screen – data is compressed, but you don’t lose a thing.

What’s more, the Data Counters app makes keeping on top of you data plan easy. It gives you the low-down on all the megabytes you’ve downloaded, so you’ll always know how much you’ve used.

Keep tabs on everything

The New Nokia Asha comes with browser tabs to make surfing the internet quicker and easier. Let a page or video load in one tab while you continue browsing in the other. And save your favourites as tiles on your browser start screen, so they’re always at your fingertips.

Nokia Xpress Now: your one-stop shop for interesting content and trending news

Go beyond the web you know with Nokia Xpress Now. The app collects the latest news, trending articles, cool new websites and a whole lot more onto a single magazine-style page. So you stay in the know and discover new, interesting stuff to read, watch and share.