Switch over to the Fastlane

Nokia Asha 501 Dual SIM

Speed up your life with Fastlane: a new home screen that gives you instant access to where you’ve been, what’s happening right now, and the things you’ve got planned.

Fastlane is your life in one place. And it keeps you moving. Worry less about what’s going on or about looking for the next stop, and live life in the moment.

Your past

Fastlane remembers everything you’ve done.  It lists your recent contacts, the apps you’ve used, the songs you’ve listened to and a whole lot more onto a single screen that you can access with just one swipe.

This means that all your most-used applications, closest friends and dearest memories can be accessed in a single place. It’s like keeping an automatic diary.

Your present

Something amazing just happened – and you want to let your friends know in an instant. So just swipe on over to Fastlane, tap out an update, and send it to Facebook or Twitter.

Fastlane shows you everything that’s happening on your Asha 501 right now. From the song that’s playing to the apps you’re using, you’ll know what’s going on with just a glance.

Your future

With Fastlane there’s no need to keep checking your calendar, as it shows you what’s coming up next. It’s like a personal assistant, taking care of the details. So you don’t have to worry about being on time, and can just concentrate on living in the moment.