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Nokia 808 PureView
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Nokia 808 Pureview For anyone like myself waiting to upgrade a current handset the market can be confusing as to which one is best for us all ? Which operating system will give us the best apps and user experience so on and so fourth ! So when I first heard the Nokia had announced the 808 Pureview at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the start of the year my eyes lit up because it's been a little while now since Nokia made a flagship phone like this known to the world. This being more of a preview means the review only stands as my thoughts for the product and hopes that Nokia can once again stand out above the rest with the already known bulletproof build quality of the phones Nokia make.  The Nokia 808 Pureview already looks amazing from the lines of the phone to the details on the buttons on the sides ! Straight away you can see alot of love and time has gone into development ! The 41 megapixel camera will speak for itself being one of the most powerful lenses on a mobile platform ! But for me the fact that this phone has Symbian Belle says that I'll have a phone that's reliable and will not drain my battery like other operating systems are known to do yet will be there for you all day long with minimal charging needed and will function all the time you need it to ! I've used Symbian S60 for years now and it's been a very stable and reliable platform for me and my heavy phone uses ! I would like to see the Nokia 808 Pureview be the Flagship phone that will push more people to give Symbian the recognition it deserves as a great platform and that will drive more developers to write apps and software for its user base ! This phone will be brilliant for anyone who wants a diverse phone and user experience and I can't see anything that wouldn't make the Nokia 808 Pureview the must have phone of 2012 ! What do you think ?  26 June 2012
Nokia PureView 808 Nokia Pureview 808 is better than any mobile present in market in terms of internet, photography, music, games and lot more. The phone comes with unmatched performance & only NOKIA can deliver such a product. Going for a short review so I am not specifying its features and interface and user experience. Indeed its not required as the phone has undoubtedly state of art technology, features. build quality, UI, and design I had best internet and photography experience with it. Finally words..... PureVIew is a one-piece. 11 July 2012
The best phone on the market This phone has behaved well, except once when it froze. I had to turn it off/on and now all is fine. This happened over a week ago. The battery lasts 3-4 days with light use, 2-3 days with moderate use. But I only use GSM and rarely use the internet. From Youtube videos, the phone looks very bulky with a huge bulbous camera. In reality the phone is slim and the camera bump is not bulky at all. It`s perfect actually for resting your finger on as you type. It makes the phone very stable in the hand. It`s a pity you can`t check it out in the shops. But you will not be disappointed. Build quality is excellent. Also it needs a couple of updates. The gallery wont allow you to mark multiple pictures for deletion etc, and although typing is easy, word prediction could be a lot better. Reception, volume and call quality have been great. It`s great to see Nokia have kept the notification light, and the removable battery. Can`t really fault the phone. it’s the best on the market in my opinion. Just a bit pricey though 31 August 2012
Amazing Phone Amazing phone, easy to use, Picks up signal better then android phones & a amazing camera. 22 September 2013
great in overall performance First of all, picture quality is amazing, crisp and clear. GPS is just great experience and 4" screen really make you feels as using a dedicated one. Music player is easy to use and sound is excellent. Main apps are available. Overall performance is really superb. 29 September 2012
this has very great features it is a good phone it wont let any one down 09 November 2012
Good cameraphone Nokia 808 purview will satisfy any amateur photographer who likes to snap a few pictures on the go.Build quality is amazing and also Symbian is working quite nicely. Phone is built like a tank. It just feels good holding it. In Nokia Store I found the applications and games to suit my needs, for example I have downloaded Opera browser, Nokia Battery Monitor, Skype, Nokia Internet Radio, Nokia Trailers, Gravity, Spotify, Accuweather, Angry Birds, Need for Speed, etc. 23 August 2012
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