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Nokia Lumia 710
Nokia Lumia 710 3.8 5 143 143
Excellent value for Money Having dragged myself into the 21st century technology I was apprehensive of acquiring a smartphone but am delighted with my recent purchase of this phone. Easy to understand, did not need the instruction book, checked a few things online and off I went. Could never understand why all generations were always glued to their smartphones but I have now discovered a mini laptop and can access and view everything in the palm of my hand. Lovely graphics, speed and comfort. 25 April 2012
Love everything about it! I've had this phone for around a month now and absolutely in love with it! The mango os is slick and smooth and it can take great photos! The big display is also great for video and games. For the price its an amazing device and I even convinced 2 of my friends with iPhones to switch to lumia! 9/10 12 May 2012
Smooth phone A great Phone, does everything you want it to do at a fast pace, only problem is the battery, it only lasts about 1½ days, you can get it to last longer if you switch off wifi and other apps not in use, if a better battery was created it would knock the socks off the competition, its a pity you have to download zune to apply items to the phone as most other phones you just plug in, if you can put up with these two hiccups it is a great deal at the present prices. 24 May 2012
good phone, easy to use, small battery the Nokia Lumia 710 very easy to use maybe because it running Windows Phone 7.5 The operating system working very fast, for example: it took around 5 second to boot up, catch location quickly. I hope there are more useful apps on Marketplace and from official developer. The design just look simple, can be customize with color back cover. The plastic doesn't feel cheap but it still make the phone look not impress much. Sad thing, the battery is quite not good. I have to recharge after 1 and half day of use with Wi-Fi. I hope Nokia do better with battery in the future. 16 February 2012
Lovely phone, period! I migrated away from Nokia when I changed my E65 for a Galaxy. Then I got into a whirlpool of androids, then dual cores, and then rooting, custom ROMs and so on. I have had most of the hot phones out there including Galaxy S2, Sensation, Evo 3D, and Sony xperia S, but none was really a good phone. You know, they are great gadgets, but I guess the manufacturers have forgotten that those things are phones afterall! Gave BB a thought then, but didn't make sense with their pushy OS forcing you to subscribe in order to use email. Anyway, suddenly, and miraculously, I decided to give Windows phone a go. And although I am traditionally a Nokia fan, I wasn't really optimistic about their new line (needless to say I cried over Symbian!) and that's why I bought Lumia 710 with a 48-hour test period. And then......heaven on Earth! What a phone, what a nice interface, what a joy to use. As simple as iOS, more polished, and more user friendly. You don't feel controled by the OS as bad as iOS either. Add to that the Nokia quality and reception, and you get Lumia 710. Plus: Great GPS, great outdoor visibility of the display, replaceable battery, nice design (or at least, a bit different), battery life is also quite acceptable. Minus: limited number of apps. I'm gonna get one for my mother, too! Recommended! 01 April 2012
Nokia and Mango on 710, Nothing Better! This Lumia 710 will be the ultimate enterprise smartphone. The connection to Exchange 2010 and Sharepoint will make it a hit in the corporate world. I love my WP7.5 phone and would stand in line to buy this phone on T-Mobile. The only problem would be to cancel my contract with Verizon. Oh well. One can always hope! 09 December 2011
It is a real Windows phone. I bought this phone a week ago.Till now not facing any problem .I don't know how people face lots of problem. You need to keep patience. 23 December 2011
fab phone Speed processing,easy to use ,looks beautiful,only music experience is not as good as other smartphones. 18 August 2012
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