Original batteries

Protect your phone - make sure to use original Nokia batteries.

For the best performance on your Nokia phone, always make sure to purchase an original Nokia battery from a reliable, Nokia-authorized store.

Nokia offers two types of batteries:

  • Batteries with hologram label
  • Batteries without hologram label

If you are using a battery with a hologram label, refer to the guidance below to verify that your battery is an original Nokia battery.

If you have concerns about the authenticity of your battery, please follow the guidance below:

Check the logo
Look at the hologram label. You should see the Nokia Original Enhancements logo.

Check the dots
Angle the hologram and check the dots: to the left, right, bottom, and top of the logo, you should see one, two, three, and four dots respectively.

Stop using the battery
A non-original battery may result in poor performance and damage to your device. It may also invalidate any warranty.

Have your battery inspected
Visit your local Nokia Care Point and have the battery inspected for authenticity. Find your nearest Nokia Care Point.

Return the battery
If your Nokia Care Point can't verify that your battery is original, return it to the place of purchase.

Let us know
Help prevent non-original batteries being sold as originals - email us at brandprotection@nokia.com.