Nokia 808 PureView - Why is my phone that is using Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 or Feature Pack 2 software (e.g. Nokia 808 PureView) not able to establish a proper connection to an older Wi-Fi access point (such as Dlink DI-524)?

There are several improvements in Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 regarding the Wi-Fi connectivity (see the listing below):

  • We have reduced the “Limited Connectivity” notes
  • We have solved several previous Wi-Fi connectivity issues including:
    • enterprise Wi-Fi network had connection failures (EAP authentication)
    • unnecessary, repeated requests for password in reconnection situations
    • some applications (e.g. Nokia Store) were not able to create Wi-Fi connections
    • Wi-Fi connection stopped after some minutes
  • We have also improved Wi-Fi to 3G roaming
    • Connection failures at GPRS to/from Wi-Fi handovers


For those interested in testing the latest WLAN software update (trial), please visit the Nokia Beta Labs: