Terms of use for retailer and/or network operator offers displayed on Nokia site ("Terms of Use")

In these Terms of Use "Nokia" refers to Nokia Corporation, including its affiliates (also referred to as "we", "us", or "our").

The Pay as you go, Pay monthly and SIM free offers displayed on the Nokia site are governed by the following Terms of Use:

Nokia's website displays some of the Pay as you go, Pay monthly and/or SIM free offerings of retailers and/or network operators and does not itself sell on this website any products or service offerings. Nokia may also display products for pre-order. Nokia does not provide any advice of its own and does not enter into any contract with you.

The information Nokia provides on its website, including but not limited to product price and network operator services, is displayed as collected by Nokia from the respective retailers and/or network operators websites or as provided by these retailers and/or network operators to Nokia. By prompting frequent refresh of the information obtained from retailers and/or network operators, Nokia makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the displayed information remains as accurate as practically possible.

Offers displayed on our website may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice; the validity of the offer is the responsibility of the retailer or network operator proposing the offer.

When you click through using the ‘Buy now’ or ‘Pre-order’ button you will be transferred to the chosen retailer or network operator website, which is an external e-commerce website. You will be buying or pre-ordering your Nokia product and related services directly from the retailer or network operator, as the case may be. We recommend that you carefully check the chosen product specification, latest price, offer details and complete transaction information before placing your order on the retailer or network operator website.

Nokia cannot guarantee the availability of any product, therefore you will need to check it from the retailer and/or network operator website.

Nokia is not displaying an exhaustive list of retailers and/or network operators which are offering Nokia products online. There may also be more Nokia products offers available online than those that Nokia displays.