Production facilities

Nokia has production facilities located all over the world and we’re working to make each one as sustainable as possible. In part, this means minimising any negative environmental and social impact the facility may have - for example, by reducing its energy consumption or ensuring materials are ethically sourced. But it also means maximising the positive impact our presence can have on the local community - from providing rewarding employment opportunities to supporting worthy causes, such as schools or hospitals.

1. Brazil - Manaus

Established: 1998

A great place to work
Chosen as one of the best places to work in Brazil in 2009 by Exame-Voce S/A guide, Nokia Manaus also established the Nokia Foundation. This wholly funded technical high school with 450 students is Nokia’s largest corporate responsibility investment globally.

Manaus has a strong sustainability ethos, using eco materials developed locally at INdT to replace plastics in products and packaging.

2. China - Beijing

Established: 1995

Leaner, greener operations
Responsible for smartphone and feature-rich phone production, our Beijing facility shows how good design can enhance sustainability. In 2000, we moved into the purpose-built XingWang industrial park, which clusters Nokia with several key suppliers. This helps reduce transportation costs, and offers significant savings on energy and emissions.

3. China - Dongguan

Established: 1995

Quality and quantity
Our Dongguan facility produces almost a third of Nokia’s entire mobile phone output yet there’s no compromise on quality. In fact, Dongguan is a five-time winner of the Nokia Global Quality Award - a credit to everyone who works there.

To help maintain these high standards, Dongguan provides internships to graduate students each year in collaboration with the local university.

4. Hungary - Komárom

Established: 1999

Making a difference
Boasting a workforce that’s around 70% female, Nokia plays a valued role in and around Komárom. We support the local hospital, fire department and schools, and Nokia employees help Komárom students learn English. We also funded a bypass road to the Nokia site, helping relieve traffic congestion and lower emissions in the area.

5. India - Chennai

Established: 2006

And the winner is...
Not only is Nokia Chennai one of our biggest facilities, it’s also big on sustainability. In 2010 it received the Golden Peacock Award for its high standards of environment management. And it’s highly active in the community with projects ranging from a local library programme to village regeneration projects.

6. Mexico - Reynosa

Established: 1996

Community minded
There’s a strong sense of community at Nokia Reynosa. Around 98% of the workforce comes from the area and the facility actively supports the local university, schools, orphanages and shelters. Situated just a few miles from the US border, Reynosa delivers smartphones to North, Central and South America.

7. South Korea - Masan

Established: 1984

World class technology
These are exciting times for our smartphone manufacturing team at Masan. A new state of the art facility, opening in 2012, promises to be more productive and more sustainable, and a more enjoyable place to work. Good news for the local community, which already supplies almost 99% of our workforce, 68% of whom are women.

8. Vietnam - Hanoi

Established: 2013

Watch this space
Construction is beginning on a new Nokia facility. We look forward to sharing more details when the facility is ready.