Nokia Data Gathering is now available for the first time on Windows Phone devices

Many organisations, such charities and NGOs, are dependent upon the collection and analysis of information from real people in real communities. Where previously this might have involved carrying a heavy laptop or filling out paper forms before transporting the data back to the office to be inputted on a computer, Nokia Data Gathering has brought the process into the 21st century.

Nokia Data Gathering is a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to collect rich field data using mobile phones instead of paper forms, PDAs or laptops. Because mobile phones can transmit data even from remote locations, the information collected can become available for analysis in near-real time making gathering data in even the most remote areas quicker, more accurate and more cost-effective.

Nokia Data Gathering has recently been given an update of its own and most significantly, it is now available for the first time on Windows Phone devices. It has a simple and elegant user interface and the assisted GPS functionality even captures location data when indoors. The existing java app, such as for Series 40 devices, has also been given an update. In addition, the server has been completely redesigned using the latest web technologies, such as HTML5.

The tool was developed in Brazil, where a department of the state health ministry called the Health Vigilance Foundation (FVS) started monitoring the spread of Dengue Fever. Today, there are around 200 organisations that are known to be using Nokia Data Gathering. There may be many more that have downloaded and are using the open source software independently – see the Nokia Data Gathering Wiki.

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More detailed information about Nokia Data Gathering can be found in the Nokia Data Gathering Wiki https://projects.developer.nokia.com/ndg/wiki