British Council partners with Nokia to bring Learn English service via Nokia Life+

The British Council, in partnership with Nokia, today announced a new English learning service for mobile phones: Learn English, which will provide high quality English learning content to young people across the world.

Globally, and in particular in emerging economies, young people are faced with significant barriers to realising their full potential, with one of the top barriers being a lack of access to quality English learning content. Young people see acquiring English skills as the key to unlocking opportunities such as securing employment, advancing in the workplace, gaining benefits from further education, accessing community and social services, and participating in the connected, global community.

The Learn English service addresses the core challenge they face in accessing high quality English learning content by delivering it directly to mobile phones via Nokia Life+. Nokia Life+ is the latest evolution of the widely-used Nokia Life service, one of the most popular life-enhancing information services suite for people in emerging markets. Nokia Life+ enables people to access valuable information in the fields of education, health and ‘infotainment’ through an engaging web app designed for the needs and aspirations of young people. Nokia Life+ works on a variety of Nokia Series 40 devices, including Nokia Asha smartphones.

By partnering with Nokia to launch the Learn English service through Nokia Life+, the British Council re-affirms its commitment to developing a wider knowledge of the English Language and promoting the advancement of education through high quality English materials for all. Learn English provides English content at three levels: Easy (A2), Medium (B1) and Hard (B2). The content is delivered on a daily basis with weekly themes. A week’s content includes a series of six learning pages followed by a set of short quizzes. In total, there is content for 52 weeks at each level. Mark Robson, Director English and Exams, said partnering with Nokia is a ‘welcome development’ and draws on the core strengths of both organisations to bring life-enhancing English learning services via mobile phones to people across the world.

“It is vital that we give youth and young adults a fair chance at acquiring English skills. Empowering them to make the most of their talents is the key to higher living standards for them and their families,” said Mark Robson, Director English and Exams. “The extensive reach Nokia Life+ provides, and the Learn English service with content specially tailored for youth and young adults, has the potential to empower millions across the world.”

Jawahar Kanjilal, Vice President & Global Head of Nokia Life, said, “We are delighted to partner with the British Council to provide high quality English learning services to even more young people around the world. Learn English users will benefit from the rich learning experiences, presented in an engaging manner through the Nokia Life+ web app.”

Learn English was unveiled in March 2013 and will be immediately available on a wide range of Nokia Series 40 devices in India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, South Africa, Malaysia, Kenya, Pakistan, Egypt, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana. The service will be expanded to more countries in future. Learn English service will be available free of charge to users (operator data usage charges may apply). Nokia Life+ works in concert with Nokia Xpress Browser, which enables up to 90% data compression when mobile browsing, helping people save money.

The British Council and Nokia established their partnership in August 2012, with the aim of improving people’s lives around the world through connectedness and learning. The partnership spans content and activities on both Nokia Life and Nokia Life+.