27 September 2013

Nokia supports the European Comission’s climate campaign ‘A world you like. With a climate you like.’

Nokia supports the European Comission’s climate campaign ‘A world you like. With a climate you like.‘ that is aiming to raise awareness about the benefits of moving towards a low-carbon society and to convince businesses, citizens and public authorities of the necessity, feasibility and affordability to take urgent climate action. An additional campaign objective is to promote creative and innovative solutions for climate-friendly living covering areas: travel and transport; production and innovation; building and living; shopping and eating; and re-use and recycling.

We here at Nokia believe that by encouraging more people to use public transportation, we can help decrease the world’s CO2 emissions. Our HERE Transit is a mobile service that is tackling this challenge by helping people to find the easiest way to get anywhere by bus, train, subway and more. With accurate timetable information and precise turn-by-turn walk navigation, it makes it easy for people, especially in large cities, to prefer public transportation over using their own cars.

HERE Transit is available for free on all Nokia Lumia smartphones. To date it covers 700 cities in 50 countries and is growing. The service is available for example in Finland, Germany, France, Poland and the UK in Europe, and additionally it is used in countries such as Russia, China and the US. We do realize it’s not possible to give exact figures on the CO2 impact of the service, but if we look at the data available at http://tinyurl.ms/4wg0 it’s fair to say that if even half of the users of HERE Transit opted for public transport, the savings on a yearly level would be significant.*

Nokia is working with public transport technology providers and leading public transport agencies for a faster, greener and more comfortable system for the commuter. The aim is to provide a simple, attractive and efficient way to help get the most out of the public transportation systems so that users can choose to use a more sustainable way of getting around without having to drive their own cars.

*Based on the data available at http://tinyurl.ms/4wg0 it can be estimated that for every 10 km travelled by bus instead of by own car, 1.1kg CO2 is saved.