Nokia to create Bridge centres to support re-employment

In relation to the announcements made on April 27th, Nokia will carry its responsibility and take a proactive approach to support re-employment. Our re-employment efforts include a wide range of possibilities.

  1. A new job within the company – Nokia will seek to retain talent to the extent possible, by providing career counseling and helping employees identify job opportunities in Nokia.
  2. A new job outside the company – Nokia will offer career counseling, help identify job opportunities and work with our extensive network to create a dedicated job portal, linking employees directly with local companies and their resourcing needs. All employees can remain with the company throughout 2011, while employees affected in 2012 will be given a two-month grace period. In addition, employees will receive a financial package in accordance with local practices should they
    leave Nokia.
  3. Entrepreneurship – Nokia will offer training, funding, and help identify business opportunities and partnerships for those interested in starting a new business or a company on their own, which can fuel new growth for impacted communities.
  4. Career renewal – Nokia will work with local partners to create new opportunities through co-funded research programs, scholarships, supported employment in local not-for-profit organizations and other growth companies.

Bridge is driven by local Bridge heads and local HR, who will now start detailing and coordinating the local re-employment initiatives. We will establish local Bridge centers in Copenhagen in Denmark, at all of our sites in Finland, Bangalore in India, Cluj in Romania and in the UK. Local Bridge leaders have been appointed in each of these sites, to provide dedicated and strong management support.

If you would like to connect with a local Bridge in your area, please send an email to the email addresses listed below. If you have media inquiries, please contact Press Services.

OULU: bridge.oulu@nokia.com

TAMPERE: bridge.tampere@nokia.com

SALO: bridge.salo@nokia.com

FINLAND CAPITAL REGION: bridge.helsinki-area@nokia.com

COPENHAGEN: bridge.copenhagen@nokia.com

UK: bridge.uk@nokia.com

BANGALORE: bridge.bangalore@nokia.com

CLUJ, ROMANIA: bridge.cluj@nokia.com

USA: bridge.US-WestCoast@nokia.com

USA: bridge.US-EastCoast@nokia.com