Our achievements show how we deliver on our promises

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We love the future. It’s a place of infinite possibility – the place that we work hopefully towards in our products, innovation and our environmental efforts. But, while we’re always working towards our future targets, sometimes it’s good to look back.

Our achievements show how we deliver on our promises. They also show how we’ve anticipated environmental legislation and delivered new standards long before they have come into effect. Now that’s future thinking.

Eco-highlights in our recent history:


Nokia ranks 9th in Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands 2013 report.

We have worked with WWF for 10 years to further strengthen our environmental performance, support WWF's conservation work and develop mutually beneficial activities which will promote sustainable development.


In order to help us reduce our dependency on fossil and virgin raw materials, we continued introducing new, more sustainable materials in our devices. This includes materials such as bio plastics, bio paints, recycled metals and recycled plastics.

We made over 97% of our packaging from renewable, paper based materials.

Our factories reach a 98% waste utilization rate.

41% of the electricity we use come from renewable sources.


The Nokia 700 is an industry leader in the use of bio materials, recycled plastics and recycled metals.

We introduce the first eco hero devices available at a lower price point,the Nokia Asha 200, 201 and 311.

Nokia Transport was introduced offering public transportation route planning for Nokia device owners in hundreds of places worldwide.

Nokia was among the top companies in the following international sustainability rankings: Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes review, Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics, Carbon Disclosure project, Forbes World’s Most Sustainable Companies, Two Tomorrows, Enough Project ranking for progress on conflict minerals


The first device in the industry to use bio paints was launched, the Nokia C7. Similarly, the Nokia C6-01 was the first device in the industry to use recycled metals

In the UK and Portugal, the Nokia 6700 Slide goes on sale online in an ultrathin flat pack, and without a charger

All new Nokia devices are free of brominated and chlorinated compounds and antimony trioxide (BFR, RFR)

Dow Jones Indexes names Nokia as the world’s most sustainable technology company for the second year running

Enough Project ranked Nokia among the top 5 electronics companies for progress on conflict minerals.


Nokia is ranked the world’s most sustainable technology company by the Dow Jones Indexes

Nokia supports the GSMA industry-wide initiative to create a common charger for mobile devices

Nokia’s most energy efficient charger for Micro-USB charging, the Nokia Fast Micro-USB Charger AC-10 was introduced.


Nokia launches the Nokia 7100 Supernova: the first device to be free of brominated compounds, antimony trioxide and chlorinated flame retardants

Nokia Beijing campus in China achieves Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Level certification

Nokia and four other mobile manufacturers launch an energy rating system for mobile chargers


Nokia is the first to introduce unplug charger reminders on its mobile devices

The first device to use bio_plastic in its cover, the Nokia 3110 Evolove, was launched. The handset also comes with the Nokia High Efficiency Charger AC-8 and compact packaging that uses 60% recycled materials

We achieve our target of using 25% renewable electricity in our own premises


Compact packaging is introduced, reducing the materials used by over 50%

All Nokia devices are EU RoHS compliant – everywhere in the world

All new Nokia devices, headsets and chargers are PVC-free


In line with EU RoHS legislation, the Nokia 5140i launches a year before regulation comes into force


Nokia signs up as an active member of the United Nation’s Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative


For each of our products, we provide Eco profiles that declare their environmental impact

Global partnership with WWF is signed to explore new ways to enhance our environmental performance and increase awareness


Beginning the cycle: Nokia’s first recycling pilot schemes take place in Sweden and the UK