Case studies

Case study and research archive

Case studies

Since the turn of the century, we’ve led environmental initiatives in the mobile industry. Our work is documented as detailed case studies, surveys and reports, to build on our collective knowledge and improve environmental practice.

Grouped by theme, our archive of studies and research provide a resource of initiatives, knowledge and ideas gathered over the past few years.

Reducing emissions through mobile technology

Reduction of emissions with some simple everyday actions

ICT and Low Carbon Growth in China

Design for environment

Nokia’s approach on phasing out brominated, chlorinated and antimony compounds

PVC phase out in Nokia products and accessories (2006)

First movers reap the benefits (2005)

Mastering environmental impacts (2004)

Packing smarter (2003)

The Nokia 6650 phone: Designed for recyclability (2003)

Mobile trade has environmental potential (2002)

Packaging of mobile phones (2001)

Metro site saves nature and costs (2000)

Environmentally sound packaging (2000)

Energy efficiency

Reducing CO2 emissions with clever use of mobile technologies (2009)

Operator encourages energy efficiency (2003)

Product stewardship

Green Box program in China (2006)

Where is your used mobile phone? (2005)

Closing the loop for cobalt (2005)

New life to mobile phones (2004)

Turning waste to money (2003)

Supporting effective environmental legislation (2003)

Electronics manufacturers take responsibility (2003)

Mobile phones yield valuable raw materials (2003)

Heat separates a mobile phone (2002)

Dialogue in the US: NEPSI (2001)

Recycling in Asia Pacific (2001)

EIA pilot project (2001)

Care Centers - EoL in Asia (2001)

Supplier management

Lead-free components are a supply chain issue (2005)

Suppliers improve their performance (2003)

Succeeding with suppliers (2000)


Nokia is LEEDing (2007)

Supplier environmental audits (2006)

Nokia figures in emissions case (2003)

Extending EMS to non-production facilities (2002)

Sharing best EMS practices (2002)

Efficient end-of-life for office furnishings (2002)

Good citizen of China (2000)

Automation saves energy (2000)

Recycling pays off in Oulu (2000)

Stakeholder relations

Green products (2006)

Integrated product policy update (2006)

Nokia and WWF: a win-win relationship (2005)

Supporting environmental art (2005)

A safe home for Malaysian orang-utans (2003)

Differentiation through environmental performance (2002)

Tree plantation project in China (2001)

Help for Hungary's heart and soul (2000)

Operation Mermaid (2000)

Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is part of Nokia Group, and provides a portfolio of mobile, fixed and converged network technology, as well as professional services. The company’s goal is to develop, run and enable a sustainable business which combines environmental and business benefits.

In 2009, the company launched a comprehensive range of energy solutions for telecoms operators, designed to reduce network operating costs by using more efficient technology and renewable energy.

Find out how Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) aims to grow sustainably, and also helps other industry sectors to reduce their environmental footprint through more eco-friendly technology and carbon neutral energy services.
NSN’s manifesto for sustainable growth
Read about NSN Energy Solutions
Developing carbon neutral energy services