Differentiation through environmental performance

"I'd like to think that the general environmental awareness at Nokia is higher than in other global companies," says Sonja Weckström-Nousiainen, Vice President, Global Human Resources Development, Nokia Mobile Phones.

"Personally I feel strongly about the environmental policies and actions of my employer company. I wouldn't feel comfortable if I was part of a company that neglected its environmental responsibility."

Rising Above the Average

Weckström-Nousiainen works with human resource development and says that environmental issues come up from time to time. Recently she represented Nokia Mobile Phones in an environmental and social responsibility focus group assessing the degree of internal awareness on environmental issues.

"It's easier to promote environmental thinking when you have the backup of a large global company. On the other hand, we have to truly excel in environmental performance to rise above the industry average. For example, the public are interested in knowing about Nokia's recycling policies and compliance with new environmental directives."

Support for Internal Communication

Weckström-Nousiainen says that at Nokia, internal communication about environmental issues is sufficient. Locating information is easy. To further enhance the information flow, Weckström-Nousiainen says that the human resource development personnel can support environmental awareness by tailoring the appropriate messages into learning solutions and training programs.

"Each human resource professional must know the basics of Nokia's environmental action plan - and preferably a little more. Moreover, we can take on the responsibility of forwarding environmental issues through HRD actions," says Weckström-Nousiainen.