EIA pilot project

In June 2001, recognizing the need to identify the best end-of-life practices for the electronics industry, Nokia announced its participation in an innovative U.S. electronics collection and recycling pilot program, the Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) Electronics Recycling Pilot Project. The program is scheduled to launch in October 2001 and last for one year.

The pilot program will test several different models of collection and recycling and their financing in select U.S. states. The data generated by this program will then be used to develop a viable cost-effective and efficient long-term end-of-life program.

"We are committed to developing innovative programs that lessen the environmental impact of our products from design to end-of-life", said Vice President for Government Relations, William B. Plummer. "The EIA Electronics Recycling Pilot Project gives us the chance to join forces with the rest of the industry to identify the best methods for collecting and recycling at the end-of-life. We hope the results of this pilot project will help us continue to develop and improve Nokia's existing end-of-life programs and those of the industry."