Supporting environmental art

In 2003, Nokia honored ten young aspiring artists and filmmakers at an official awards ceremony in Malaysia. The awards were divided into Fine Arts Category and 1st Shot Young AV Makers – The Film/Multimedia category. The entire category had an environment related theme for 2003.

Under the Fine Arts category, the theme was "Sea Earth Sky – Our Environment". A total of 305 entries were received and thirty-three were selected to the finals. Three winners were selected by a professional panel to receive MYR 5,000 each, a Nokia Arts Awards plaque, and a Nokia product for their outstanding artistic work. Additionally, the three winners stand a chance of holding their first solo exhibition, sponsored by Nokia.

Under the 1st Shot Young AV Makers category, the theme was simply "Our Environment", where students were urged to place themselves within the environment and express their views concerning issues like the depletion of natural resources, global warming, pollution, and fauna and habitat destruction. They were encouraged to call into question, contemplate, and essentially delve into human-environmental relationships through an expressive and interactive medium, which was television.

Five awards were selected for the best short film clips. The "Best Shot" winner, Ms. Lim Ay Nee, won MYR 10,000, a Nokia plaque, and a Nokia product, for her visually stunning piece "Contact Lens". Four other works received Silver Awards, each winning MYR 5,000, a Nokia plaque, and a product.

"Nokia is proud to be working with the arts because it goes to the very heart of Nokia’s philosophy of Connecting People," said Goh Doh Hau, Senior Account Manager for Nokia Mobile Phones. "This is Nokia’s fifth year of holding the Nokia Arts Awards (for Fine Art) and the second year for the AVMaker Awards (for Film), which speaks to our commitment of encouraging professionalism and the development of young creative minds in Malaysia", added Goh.